Kia Ora, Hei, Ciao, Pozdravljeni, こんにちは, Hola, Привет, Bonjour, Hallo,  Cześć, Hello.

Life is an adventure and limits to what we can do exist only in our minds.

October 2012

This webpage was created early 2008 as I embarked on some new challenges.

Those challenges were to compete in a race in the Arctic and then complete an expedition to the Geographic South Pole. After those little adventures it seemed totally sensible to take a look at the Geographic North Pole.

These adventures were hugely rewarding and made 2008 and 2009 an exciting period.

It is now 2012 and time to update this home page.

This year has been a tad tame in terms of adventures though the NZ Coast to Coast multisport event was a big effort

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As part of my North and South Pole Challenge’s I was keen to raise funds for the following two organizations;

The Himalayan Trust (Established by Sir Edmund Hillary)

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga Territory

I would like to continue to promote these two very worthy causes.  Please click on Charities above to see how easy it is to make a direct donation.

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