Thank you for taking the time to look at this page.  I would be most grateful if you are able to make some contribution to either of the following worthy causes;

1) The Himalayan Trust  established by Sir Edmund Hillary after his 1953 ascent of Mount Everest to benefit the sherpa people of the region. Since inception the Himalayan Trust has been involved in education, health services, reforestation, building airports, trails, bridges, water suplies and preservation of local cultural monuments for the sherpa people.

Please make any donations direct to the account below. Please give “Ross’s polar challenge” as a reference to the bank teller or enter this in the reference line if donating online. This will allow us to determine how much we have contributed to the Trust.

Himalayan Trust Board, BNZ Bank Auckland, Account No. 02 0256 0031716 001


2) The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga Territory.

Salvation Army Logo

Please go to  to make a direct online donation. When filling out the donation form please type in “Ross’s polar challenge” in the specific use box. This will allow us to determine how much we have contributed to The Salvation Army. In the specific use box you can also type in instructions on any particular community sector your donation should go.


The Salvation Army has been helping New Zealanders in need since 1883. The Salvation Army is an International organisation working in 11 countries worldwide and one of the largest most diverse providers of social welfare services in the world. They are hard at work caring for people in need across New Zealand. Their response to human need is direct and uncomplicated. Where people are homeless, lonely or facing hardship, The Salvation Army is compelled to do something about it and this year will spend $49 million dollars helping people here in New Zealand. The Salvation Army has long enjoyed the overwhelming support and trust of the New Zealand public and they thank you for your support to help them to help those throughout New Zealand. Thank you for helping them meet the cost of caring.

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