I am very fortunate to be surrounded by great friends and supporters who generously provide support to me in these adventures. I am grateful to you all. There are some special thank you’s and I would like to acknowledge those here. If I have omitted to mention anyone, please accept my apologies.

Dan Ruck for spending valuable family time in producing this webpage.

Underwater photography guru Tobi Bernard for providing some of the images shot during our 2006 diving expedition to Antarctica. (

My Slovenian friends Brane and Alenka who helped me out so much during my ironman training in 2007 and again now.  Alenka who is always cheerful showed great patience in teaching me to cross country ski and then kept a watchful eye on me during the 6 day cross country ski tour of Slovenia. Brane for always being helpful and providing enthusiastic support for my adventures.

My Slovenian friends Andrej, his mum and Dusan.  Andrej who has become a close friend since my triathlon training last year has again provided much help with ski equipment and teaching me to ski downhill. Andrej who is well known in Slovenia having crossed Greenland on skis in 27 days with his friend Stane in April 2007 has given me valuable time explaining the ordeal he faced during those 27 days.  Dusan who keeps providing his fantastic mountain house for me to use and Andrej’s mum who is always helpful.

My buddy Val who is always supportive in what ever I undertake and always has good ideas.

Duncan Reid, also known as Coach Reid, for always giving good training advice and superb physiotherapy advice when I need to overcome all the training niggles.

Rachel Vickery who has just received her Masters degree is a powerhouse of sporting knowledge. Rach always takes an interest in my adventures, shares valuable information, introduces me to  other guru’s  with sporting knowledge, provides physiotherapy advise and if we happen to be in the same vicinity, treats the training wounds.

Ian Thompson, also known as Herr Thompson, my mate in Hamburg who is always helpful  whenever I am in Europe.

Judith Paterson of PositiveLifeBalance for donating valuable massage time in keeping my legs in working order which usually involves frequent targeting of the niggly spots with the “pointy thing”

Jamie Fitzgerald and Kevin Biggar who did Hercules Inlet to the South Pole in 2006/07  have been so willing to help me in preparation for my South Pole expedition.  Jamie has been fantastic in answering my queries, digging out information,  passing on his extensive knowledge on the subject and lending me his skis for training. Kevin was extremely generous in lending me his pulk which he used for their expedition for my training down the South Island.

Peter Gardner who has been repairing parachuting equipment including mine for years has now with his trusty industrial sewing machines and great ideas been fantastic in getting equipment ready for my South Pole expedition. Pete whose motto is ¨helping people help people¨ is one of those ever helpful  guys and I am grateful for his efforts.

Scott and Brad at Newmarkets Snow Centre for sorting out my skis. Cheers guys.

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