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Punta Arenas

9. November 2008

Hi folks,

 The team is complete, the tasks done and we are ready to go!! The last few days have been hectic in sorting through all equipment, buying all our provisions, packaging provisions, briefings and those last minute panics. Removing all the provision wrappers, cutting into bite sized bits and putting into labelled daily bags was the biggest task and the midnight oil was burning furiously. But with dedication to duty we still squeezed in some good Chilean nosh and local Punta Arenas beers. The weather is forecast to be suitable tomorrow (Sunday 9th) for the huge Russian Ilyushin 76 jet freighter to land at Patriot Hills so we are now just waiting for the call to scramble. Due to some operational issues we are scheduled to camp at Patriot Hills for a few days before we can be air lifted by Twin Otter down to Hercules Inlet. Then the 1170km trek with a great bunch of team mates will begin. American Tom Davenport and Aussie Steve Gates are hoping to be able to relay information by sat phone every few days to their websites which should show our progress. You can access the guys websites via the links on my homepage. Well folks next communication will hopefully be mid January after we have completed the journey to the South Pole.CheersRoss 

date Posted on: Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 8:51 am

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