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19. April 2009

Greetings All

Continuing from the North Pole posting…. I flew back to Barneo the Russian Base Camp on the ice and was then dropped at 89 degrees by helicoptor for the last degree as per the last trip but this time solo. Skiing across floating ice towards the North Pole by ones self was a very different situation to being with others. The task was also very different this time with windy conditions, a fast ice drift and significant ice movement resulting in lots of water leads that needed to be crossed. A very steep learning curve. The critical factor being not to end up in the water.  Fortunately the ice drift remained positive towards the pole and I was able to complete the 110km in three and a half days arriving at the Geographic North Pole at 1240 Friday 17th (Norwegian Time). Some heart in the mouth moments along the way but very very satisfying to have completed my private test.

Will send the full story of both trips soon.

Best Regards


date Posted on: Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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