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Christmas 2009 Update

24. December 2009

Greetings All,

Yet another year’s end approaches. Merry Christmas to you all and all the very best for 2010.

With reaching the South Pole and then the group and solo North Pole expeditions, 2009 has been a huge year for me.  Huge personal challenges and hugely rewarding experiences.

After completing the icy challenges I then based myself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from May to October and set about getting triathlon-fit again. Did two triathlons as part of the process and scored a couple of 2nd places though this was very much a reflection on the level of competition rather than my abilities. Also did a couple of adventure races which was a whole new learning curve, especially with navigation; strange as that may seem after guiding myself to the North Pole.

Returned to NZ mid October and joined a squad of triathletes for the purpose of training to a higher intensity and hopefully be able to achieve qualifying for the World Age Group Triathlon Championships in Europe next year.  This will be a tougher challenge than dragging a pulk across polar ice as there are so many fast old roosters out there!!

Another little project on the horizon: I have just signed up to go into space with Virgin Galactic. At the Oshkosh airshow, Wisconsin, a few months ago I was able to see the new mothership, White Knight Two, from which Spaceship Two launches at 50,000 feet and then is rocket propelled on its suborbital journey through the atmosphere and into zero gravity. Spaceship Two was recently unveiled in the Mojave Desert, California and Virgin Galactic expect to start commercial flights late 2011. At this point I am passenger 279 so not sure when I will be called. Can’t wait!!

Best Wishes


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